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Find Your Happily Ever After ....and Beyond

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So glad you've landed here ...

Are you struggling to find your Soul Mate?

Do you keep attracting disastrous partners who don't live up to their promises?

Perhaps you're in so much pain because you're watching your relationship go down the drain and you can't seem to figure out how to create the love you know you deserve?

Do you ever wish that someone would just explain in clear and simple language what the heck is going on and what you need to do in order to have the relationship of your dreams, but also how to make it last?

I feel your pain, I really do, I was right there asking myself these very same questions and miserable with my love life. 


Determined that I would not be denied my fairy tale ending, I set out to understand what I was doing wrong and take a really good look at the research behind what makes for a perfect match and love that lasts a lifetime.  I invested deeply in learning what it means to truly love myself and with the support of many gifted practitioners and teachers worked to understand the foundation of healthy partnerships. 


I finally found and married my soul mate and you can too ...  Based on decades of research in the fields of psychology, sociology and anthropology, combined with real life lived experience, my programs offers a step by step solution to your relationship woes and the opportunity to finally bSmitten© with your life and love.  

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My Mission

Have you ever wondered why it is that you know more about Algebra than how to choose a life partner?  That you might be able to decode a Shakespearean sonnet but really have no idea what empirically and statistically makes for a healthy and thriving long term relationship?  That literally zero time was spent during your developmental years explicitly explaining how to go about choosing the person you are going to spend almost EVERY DAY with, theoretically, for the rest of your life?!  Personally I believe that this is the crux of our current dilemma as a society, why so many of us struggle to find a deep connected relationship and why divorce rates are off the charts.  This is why I founded bSmitten.  When we as a society choose life partner's based on shaky theory's like 'it just didn't feel right' or 'they gave me butterflies' we're on a crash course for generational dysfunction and toxic relationships.  My mission in founding bSmitten is to disseminate quality, relatable, actionable information to as many people as possible so that they can choose a life and life partner that is a reflection of their healthy, thriving core Being.

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My Philosophy

LOVE. Your Life.

I believe you were born perfect, whole and complete, intuitively knowing what you need in order to thrive, but that negative life experiences hamper access to that knowledge and subsequently your ability to form truly healthy connected relationships.


I believe that humans are fundamentally imperfect and it's part of what makes us so beautiful. Unfortunately growing up your imperfections were rarely celebrated, they were more often punished, leaving you less likely to feel safe being genuine and vulnerable.  In intimate relationships, this cycle can often spiral out of control, especially if you’ve looked to your partner for validation and to complete you.  

I believe that when you were born you possessed the capacity to express the full spectrum of emotions, but that as you grew up, certain emotional states were either encouraged or repressed, often dependent on your culture and gender.  When you denied these emotions they began to lurk in your shadows becoming your own worst unconscious enemy, but that identifying and reclaiming them offers a path to your deepest growth and healing. 

I believe that the childhood trauma you endured, large and small, robbed you of life’s most essential element, TRUST, trust in yourself and the people around you.  These accumulated adverse experiences influenced the way your brain developed and how you formed attachments to the people in your life, impacting how you now process and interpret information as an adult.  

I believe every human being deserves to be loved and respected.  That you are worthy of a relationship that is happy, healthy and thriving and by raising healthy resilient children you are a catalyst changing the world for generations to come.

I believe that all humans are born with an innate desire to connect deeply with others but that social and cultural conditioning often hamper this process.  By simply learning introspection, interception, actionable processes and tools you can learn to navigate relationships from an empowered perspective resulting in more fluid and genuine connected experiences. 

I believe that no one can be you.  

You have a unique set of skills, experiences and talents to offer the world

that no other soul on the earth possesses,

and if you listen closely with a kind and empathetic heart

you will begin to allow yourself the space

to let your true light shine.

believe in you.

My Process

At bSmitten it all begins with YOU.  You are the foundation of your relationship, and if that's even remotely shaky that glorious castle you set out to build will more than likely come tumbling down.  It's imperative that you get all your ducks in a row if you want to share your life with someone.  Once you have a clear idea as to who YOU are at your core, you'll be able to identify your perfect match and your best chance of success over the long term.

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3 Pillars of LOVE

Begin by identifying what your individual patterns are, followed by the alchemy created when you bond with another individual and then finally what comes up over the long haul.


Identify Your:

Relationship Strengths

Attachment Style

Personality Type

Emotional Triggers​

Self Soothing Techniques

Core Values

Emotional Intelligence



Identify Your:

Personality Match

Deal Breakers

Hard Questions

Compatibility Quotient

Keys to Intimacy

Attraction Type


YOU + ? = US



Identify Your:

Attachment Dance

Closeness Pattern

Love Maps

Red Flags

Conflict Resolution Style 

Gottman's 4 Horseman

Rules of Engagement


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Love Yourself

Who are you, warts and all.  What makes you tick and are you able to love and accept yourself completely, despite your perfect imperfections.

Love Yourself

Image by Steve Halama

Identify your core values and align with individuals who reflect those ideals. Be wary of how you get in your own way and set yourself up for failure.

Find Love

Image by Gabby Orcutt

What magic happens when that unique mix of who you are merges with that special someone. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.